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Dating Photo Tips

Need help taking that perfect profile picture? Follow our tips and have those potential partners dying to learn some more about you. 4 top tips that will have you taking some better photos that attract so much more attention.

1. Lose the sunglasses

Some people say that the eyes are the "window to the soul", so don't cover them up with your latest pair of sunglasses, no matter how cool you think they look. People want to see into your eyes and see the real person. So let them.

2. Stand up / be active

Whatever pose you decide to strike, try avoiding sitting down. Everyone looks better and slimmer when standing and taking a full body shot. Maybe even throw in some action shots of you doing whatever you enjoy doing most, be it cycling, walking or even doing the garden.

3. Choose the right outfit

Choose something that makes you feel great but is also comfortable. People want to see the real you. Plus, if you feel fabulous in the outfit you're wearing, this will show in the photo. After all, 80% of your beauty is how you feel about yourself.

4. Get outdoors

A natural, outdoor setting with give your photo much more oomph than outdoors. Plus, natural light will always give you a much better quality photo.